Monday, November 20, 2006

GOOD THERAPY SESSION, AARON! It seems like Studio 60 has settled into a predictable rhythm. One week, it'll be a muddled mess, and then the following week, it'll be pretty darn solid. This was one of those solid weeks. Sure, we had the umpteenth schmoopy "I'm sorry Kristin Harriet, please take me back!" speech from Sorkin Matt, but we also get actual repartee, a bad Fox sitcom that I could actually see Fox airing, and Shrug getting to act, with a differentiation between Rickyandron into two characters. Sure, we had lifting from Sorkin past (Casey's proclamation that he was "President of Dana should get undressed!" echoed throughout the Harriet storyline, and the "triple overtime" subplot rang of the long Agassi match from Sports Night), exceedingly poor disguise of Amanda Peet's pregnancy (seriously, no one's called Jordan on that?), and perhaps a trifle too much meta (did we really need yet another "product placement" storyline this week?), but that was pretty good. And does Lucy/Dawn get to be a regular now?

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