Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SOME BANDS I LIKE TO NAME CHECK, AND ONE OF THEM IS R.E.M.: Today, why not list something you like from the state of Georgia?


  1. I'm a Coca-Cola man, myself.

  2. Benner10:15 AM

    Allman Brothers, the late Robert Shaw, Tom Wolfe's A Man in Full, Billy Carter.

  3. girard3110:17 AM

    Swallow at the Hollow, the country bar and Bar B Q joint in Roswell...

  4. MidwestAndrew10:21 AM

    Dominique Wilkins. Early Michael Vick.
    Coke. Umm... Sherman's desire to say "Screw this state?"

  5. Jenn C.10:30 AM

    Diet Coke.

  6. Meghan10:35 AM


    Savannah.  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

  7. Paul Tabachneck10:35 AM

    The B-52s? 

    (checks wikipedia)

    ....The B-52s!

  8. REM, Indigo Girls, Kelly Hogan
    40 Watt Club, Variety Playhouse, Georgia Theatre
    Woodfire Grill, Flying Biscuit, Chik-Fil-A, Mary Mac's
    Ansley Park, High Museum (architecture only, really), my condo
    Beloved Braves, University of Georgia
    My parents and their dog
    Georgia Aquarium

  9. The Other Kate10:40 AM

    <span>Georgia Championship Wrestling circa 1980  
    The Fox Theatre  
    Flannery O'Connor  
    The state nickname, because who doesn't like peaches?</span>

  10. heathalouise10:45 AM

    Bulldogs football
    cheap gas (at least it used to be when I lived there),
    The Grit in Athens
    Oktoberfest in Helen
    The Varsity Grill
    The 40 Watt
    Sweet Tea (although I always made it "half and half," too sweet for my Yankee blood)
    UGA the dawg

  11. Wait--is something involving the State of Georgia going on tonight?

    And I'll offer up Richard Blais.

  12. How about two Canadian hockey teams?  (The Flames relocated to Calgary from Atlanta; the Thrashers have become the latest incarnation of the Winnipeg Jets.)  Not that I'm really a fan of either team, but having more NHL teams in Canada is a good thing.

  13. Mandee11:04 AM

    Cumberland Island
    Lane Farm Peaches
    My small town hometown in South Georgia and all the others like it
    Frank McCall (architect)
    Nu Way Weiners (Macon)
    Coming up the escalator at Hartsfield when somebody is waiting for you at the top
    Serenbe Farms
    Robert Shaw and his Christmas special that the ASO still does every year
    My parents' old mountain house

  14. patricia11:05 AM

    Is it too weird to say me?? What can I say, I ahve high self-esteem. :-D

    UGA everything (Bulldog football in particular)
    Braves baseball - Friday night fireworks after a game is the best date night ever
    Taqueria del Sol
    Ted Turner (what?? I love that guy in all his nuttiness!)
    Coke, of course
    Peaches, yum
    The Okeefenokee Swamp (shout out to where I grew up, y'all, plus the swamp is empirically awesome)
    Jekyll Island
    The usual Athens/Atlanta notables well covered by others

  15. Jim Bell11:29 AM

    Taco Del Sol & Star Provisions (especially the butcher shop and the cheese counter) (same parking lot too!).

  16. victoria11:32 AM

    As far as things that haven't been mentioned:

    The Universal Joint in Decatur (featuring the charcuterie of former Brave Biff Pocoroba!)
    Decatur in general :)
    Of Montreal
    the little record store beside the 40 Watt
    Vanilla Coke at Waffle House

  17. Duvall11:35 AM

    The state nickname, because who doesn't like peaches?

    Didn't Colbert set the record straight on this years ago?

  18. Heather k12:00 PM

    Diet coke. Just needed to be repeated. Also I am in Spain and Coca-Cola light is so not the same!

  19. The Pathetic Earthling12:02 PM

    The Coca-Cola Corporation
    Georgia, The Midnight Train to
    Game 4 of the 2010 NLDS
    Sherman's March to the Sea

  20. I was going to say Watts too! Great minds...

  21. The Decatur Book Festival (I've never been but it's supposed to be awesome.)
    Georgia on My Mind

  22. KCosmo12:24 PM

    Richard Blais
    Lady and Sons restaurant

  23. Awww, y'all are lovely.  Although I think I'm technically a product of Tennessee.  I'll let Georgia take some claim, though.

  24. Five & Ten
    the National
    the tree that owns itself
    Jimmy Carter Presidential Library
    banana pudding martini at the Harlem Bar

  25. And if you don't like our license plates, vote for the new design!  Please, those of you with good design sense, I beg you to make the back of my car not look awful.

    (If you're curious about the "In God We Trust" - it was in the rules. (PDF)

  26. As a transplant from the neighboring state of Tennessee, I'll throw in that it's awful conveninent to be able to buy wine in the grocery store.

  27. You namechecked Nu Way Weiners!  Awesome!

  28. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Town of Helen (like the Bavarian feel - even if it is a bit fake)
    Chick Fil A
    Georgia Tech (where I met my husband)
    and most of all, my son, Declan, who was born in Lawrenceville

  29. Sherri1:21 PM

    My house! :)
    My hood: East Atlanta, Ormewood Park, Grant Park

  30. Thomas J. Hennen, Roy D. Bridges, Jr., Susan Still, David M. Walker, Sonny Carter and L. Blaine Hammond.

  31. Margaret Mitchell, Diet coke, Chick Fil A and the Indigo Girls. 

  32. Watts2:29 PM

    People I was surprised to find had Georgia roots:
    David Cross
    Bucky Dent
    The Sisters Fanning: Dakota and Elle
    Gale Harold
    Ed Helms
    Sterling Holloway
    DeForest Kelley
    Wayne Knight, (Born NYC - but grew up in GA and was UGA the mascot his soph. year at UGA)
    Joanne Woodward

  33. Adam C.2:31 PM

    I'm with you on some, but emphatically not the Braves!

  34. Adam C.2:32 PM

    I once saw a Prince show at the Fox - terrific show, great venue.

  35. Adam C.2:41 PM

    1) UAHC Camp Coleman, Cleveland, GA - my first overnight camp and the bestest time ever.
    2) Red clay, best used on baseball fields but also a wonderful way to ruin white t-shirts and athletic socks at summer camp.
    3) Games 4 and 5 of the 1993 NLCS.

  36. Jenn.3:41 PM

    Pfft.  I've always been fonder of the 1995 playoffs, myself.

  37. Jenn C.4:09 PM

    Blais has been mentioned, but let's not forget Kevin, King of Bacon Jam.

  38. I Know Someone Who Knows Someone Who Knows Alan McGee Quite Well4:31 PM

    I would have thought of R.E.M. first, even without the Pavement name-check.  ("Unseen Power of the Picket Fence", right?)

  39. Megan4:41 PM

    Tonya and Pete Dugas and their kids. (My sister's family lives in Athens, GA.)

  40. And many of us are fond of you, Georgia native.<span> </span>

  41. Laura6:06 PM

    Emory University, my alma mater

  42. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Moved to Philly 2+ years ago and I still miss it:
    Morehouse Homecoming
    Piedmont Park/Grant Park
    Decatur Arts Festival
    Chick-Fil-A Dwarf House (Chick-Fil-A + open 24/6 = wonderful)

  43. spacewoman7:15 PM

    Amy and Emily

  44. KarenNM7:32 PM

    I'll second that - my only trip to Atlanta included dinner at Woodfire, which was fantastic.  Also gives me the excuse to share this picture from outside the restrooms (words are:  tell the Voltaggios:  Tricks and foams may break my bones but bacon will never hurt me).

  45. Joseph J. Finn7:54 PM

    All astronauts from Georgia!

  46. StvMg8:09 PM

    I'm coming late to the party and seconding the love for the Braves, Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A and the aquarium. I've never seen a better college football player than Herschel Walker of Wrightsville.

    Two other favorites with Georgia ties (courtesy of Wikipedia):

    Coach Taylor may have made a name for himself in Texas, but Kyle Chandler actually was raised in Loganville (though he was born in Buffalo).
    Julia Roberts is an Atlanta native.

  47. Big Joe8:15 PM

    Drivin' N' Cryin'

  48. kd bart8:21 PM

    Fat Matt's Rib Shack on Piedmont
    A Chik-Fil-A less than 2 minutes from my house

  49. Joseph J. Finn12:10 AM

    Yep!  The state won big in the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals on a case involving Atlanta's access to water from Lake Lanier!

  50. Jenn.1:33 AM

    Awww. You're going to make me blush.