Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BECAUSE NBC DOESN'T HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS AS IT IS: Two big TV stories folks are likely to want to discuss:
  • Starting next January, ABC is flip-flopping Nightline and Jimmy Kimmel Live, with Kimmel going head to head with Letterman and Leno.  I'm not a huge Kimmel fan, but will be interesting to see how folks respond to a younger option in the timeslot.  As compensation, Nightline in Primetime replaces What Would You Do? as a Friday night news magazine.
  • Perhaps 2 years later than it should, Greg Daniels has confirmed that the 2012-2013 season will be the last one for The Office.  Do you think we need to see Michael Scott one more time before the show wraps (if only so Steve Carell can win an Emmy for guest actor)?  Any other threads that need to be wrapped up?  Do we care about Schrute Farms, which is apparently going to make its first appearance as a backdoor pilot during this season?


  1. Dan Suitor2:46 PM

    For my money, Kimmel has been on the rise for a while. He's still a little too smug and fratty, on occasion, but his monologues are biting and incisive and there have been a number of bits and gags that have been downright hilarious (the Handsome Men's club, doing a huge chunk of a show as Jay Leno during the Conan scandal).

  2. Dave S2:56 PM

    I think Steve Carell will leave well enough alone and not come back.  I think you need to hang the ending on Jim and Pam somehow.  Not quite sure how, because I think messing with the marriage only to fix it at the end would be a poor choice too.

  3. Andrew3:18 PM

    Given how generally disappointing the Lieberstein-driven years of the show have been, I'm not going to give a Dwight spin-off a whole lot of rope, especially if Mose won't be a regular character. 

    While both The Office and HIMYM have fallen qualitatively in their later years, I've stuck with HIMYM week to week and dropped The Office. A Daniels-helmed season of the show will hopefully recapture some of the spark of what made the show so great in prior seasons. 

  4. Jordan3:34 PM

    His Leno interview was something fantastic.  Especially when they get to pranks....

    http://www.youtube.com/v/axwO6BkCtIo" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140

  5. The show should end -- as Carell's season should have ended, with Jim realizing he's a grownup and can and should be running the branch.

  6. Joseph Finn3:50 PM

    <span>Do you think we need to see Michael Scott one more time before the show wraps (if only so Steve Carell can win an Emmy for guest actor)? </span>

    <span>No.  His exit was just about perfect.</span>

    <span>Any other threads that need to be wrapped up?  </span>

    <span>Nope, escept for the point where Stanley gets one last saved up </span> <span>bòn mót</span> <span>on the  way out.</span>

    <span>Do we care about </span><span>Schrute Farms</span><span>, which is apparently going to make its first appearance as a backdoor pilot during this season?</span>

    Not at all, especially consdering the blandness of the casting choices so far.

  7. ChinMusic3:59 PM

    Agreed that there is no need for Scott to come back.  His ending was perfect and he has nothing to do with the end of the storyline of the show.  But, as far as threads to wrap up, I am happy to see that they are addressing the idea raised here several times concerning the documentary nature of the show.  Could be an interesting season, particularly if they incorporate the idea of this documentary being released to the public.

  8. Eric J.6:02 PM

    It's a mark of how far the show and Jim have fallen that that would not be a particularly depressing ending.

  9. Eric J.6:03 PM

    Stanley should spend his retirement running a pretzel stand.

  10. Joseph Finn7:30 PM

    Damn straight, Eric.

  11. No, Carrell shouldn't come back.  He left on such a high note, and the show has been unwatchable without him.  What he should do is keep making movies like Crazy Stupid Love.

    As for Schrute Farms, I would rather stab myself with a pitchfork than watch a show that centers around Dwight.  His character has become more and more cartoonish, and less and less likable, over the years.  No thanks.