Friday, November 29, 2013

THE PROFESSOR: Forty-eight votes in forty-eight hours is a nice, round number from which to analyze your HOF voting, given the percentage cutoffs. So:
Would induct (75%+): Greg Maddux (47 votes), Craig Biggio (39), Tom Glavine (39), Frank Thomas (39), Jeff Bagwell (37), Mike Piazza (37), Tim Raines (36)
Still on probation: Barry Bonds (27), Roger Clemens (22)
Receiving significant consideration: Curt Schilling (16), Alan Trammell (14), Edgar Martinez (13)
Will never consider again: Jack Morris (12, in his last year of eligibility)
Need serious help, or a less-crowded ballot: Mike Mussina (8), Larry Walker (5), Jeff Kent (4), Mark McGwire (4), Don Mattingly (3)
On the edge of being removed from consideration: Fred McGriff (2), Lee Smith (2)
Receiving one vote, and thus eliminated from future ballots: Armando Benitez, Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa
The average voter cast 8.52 votes of the 10 allotted; more than half of us (27/48) used all ten slots. Compared to last year's slighly-less-crowded ballot, there was a lot of slippage this time, mostly with the PED cases squeezed out -- Clemens had 44 votes, Bonds 41, McGwire 33, Sosa 14, and Palmeiro had 6 last time.


  1. Joseph Finn8:03 AM

    And in terms of fun voting quirks, Fred McGriff getting 2 more votes thane Moises Alou has to be up there.

  2. Jenn.6:51 PM

    I was confused as to why Greg Maddux was missing a vote, until I took a closer look at the poll....