Thursday, May 29, 2003

I PUT A SPELL ON YOU: Words from rounds 3-8 that are just a drop or two easier than the rest:
R3 - The Easy Morning Round: chauvinism, anodyne (c'mon -- these kids listen to Uncle Tupelo, right?), garrulous, Pythagorean, carafe, egregious, frieze, incorrigible, sluice, recalcitrant, inexorable, pernicious, endorphin, karaoke, adjudicate, Gorgonzola, avaricious, canard, and anachronism. Adjudicate?

R4: trattoria, Tammanyism, mores, apartheid, Huguenot -- three of five where, if you're a good history student, you're fine.

R5: ganache, Krugerrand, Botticellian, while other kids are getting "gauleiter", "pelycosaur" and "acajou". Am noticing a definite pattern where foofy food words that are easy to me might trip up kids.

R6: a fair, tough round. Is "ditalini" easier? Maybe if you cook pasta.

R7: I mean, I know "trebuchet" off the top of my head, but we're in tough ground now.

R8: Don't tell me that the kid who's Spanish/English bilingual just got "zocalo". Oh, wait, he did, while New Jersey's Jesse Zymet got "lefse", some kind of Norwegian pancake.

Follow along online here.

Man, there's fun to be had while Lucy's napping.

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