Friday, June 6, 2003

STAR JONESING: How's American Idol evictee Frenchie Davis doing on Broadway?

According to the Washington Post, pretty fabulously. Ticket sales are up 20%, and the budding diva is still her wonderful, charming, brash self:
At Angus, a theater district eatery, where she's wearing a low-cut blouse and pants that reveal her thong, she gracefully stands up from the table and runs her hands down her torso and hips.

"Honey, do you not see my hourglass? Do you not see I'm proportionately big? Honey, where am I hanging? What is there to struggle with? Everybody's not supposed to be this big." She holds up her pinkie finger. "I'm a 36KK. I'm supposed to have curves. No one decides for me whether I'm beautiful.

"While being thin may be equated with being beautiful, no one who's around me for more than five minutes can walk away not feeling my sexiness and my beauty. No one. No one."

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There's more in the New York Post, where Frenchie says, "I honestly believe I would have made it with or without 'American Idol'. It just made things happen faster. It didn't make me a star. I made me a star."

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