Saturday, July 19, 2003

I NEVER SAID NOTHING: Remember that whole indie-hating "Liz Phair eagerly embraces the mainstream" stuff? Well, that was before the record died on the charts.

Now she needs her base back, and in a Hollywood Reporter interview she's singing a different tune:
"I'm in a win-win situation," Phair says. "If this record goes, I can do things on my own. But if this record doesn't go, then Capitol will drop me because of the amount of money they've spent on it, and I can go to an indie."

. . . .

Phair didn't always win her arguments with the Matrix. The song "Favorite," for instance, features a chorus in which Phair repeatedly compares her lover to an undergarment.

"That chorus makes me choke a little," she says. "The Matrix fought really hard, and they won. The verses, however, are totally me. I guess it's just like you're a painter, and someone says you're going to do a public works project. It's not like you can't be creative within those restrictions."

Liz Phair: the Diego Rivera of rock and roll.

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