Thursday, August 14, 2003

DOT DOT DOT: Sudden thoughts, second thoughts and things potentially worth a moment's thought. Or not:

So we installed TiVo yesterday. Oh, this is a happy day. It'll load up on Larry Sanders and Critic episodes overnight, then tape a SportsCenter for me so I can zip through the highlights, and we got to pause The Amazing Race when Lucy "immediately required a change," let's call it, and were able to resume minutes later. Wow. God bless America . . . As for the Race itself, as I predicted a month ago, "The anonymous straight guys are going to win. Again. They haven't had anything close to a narrative arc yet, suggesting their developments will be very late in the game." . . . Why has the term "Hebrew" disappeared from the language? When did my people just become "Jews"? . . . For my money, the creepiest sea creature is the lamprey . . . So how did that photo session with Richard Avedon go, anyway? "Cat, you did remember to wear underwear, right?". . . Early warning: Jen. ABC's World News Tonight. This Saturday . . . Now that Uptown Girls is the title of a movie, I hope that someone works on adapting "The Downeaster Alexa". It'll be boffo . . . I can see why Larry King likes this format . . . .The coolest member of the QESG cast (and rising) is Food Guy Ted Allen . . . Marsha, if any Law School Musical vet is making it into the IHS cast, it'll be Dan . . . Only in South Philly would people complain about being able to hear a Springsteen concert for free . . . Is Chunky A due for a comeback? . . . You know it's a good issue of Vanity Fair when the cover story doesn't begin until page 399 . . . I hate to sound like Bill Simmons, but there is something wonderful about the way Keanu Reeves says "I am an EFF BEE EYE agent!" in Point Break . . . I do not understand the argument for Albert Pujols over Barry Bonds for NL MVP, because the stats are pretty damn clear that it's time for Barry to get his sixth. OBP, SLG, OPS, home runs, fielding . . . it's all there.

More later. Time for bed.

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