Saturday, September 27, 2003

NOW THAT ADAM IS DONE, I COME TO BURY VETERANS STADIUM, NOT TO PRAISE IT: What Adam left out is that Veterans contained the worst playing surface in professional sports, and that it was the site of possibly the best example of Philadelphia sportsmanship in recent NFL history, the Eagles' fans' reaction to Michael Irvin's collision with the green concrete that passed for turf:
While Irvin lay motionless and teammates knelt in prayer in the first quarter, many of the 66,669 at Veterans Stadium cheered -- first when realizing Irvin was down, then again when paramedics wheeled a stretcher onto the field.

"I know our fans pride themselves on being tough, but that wasn't tough," said Eagles receiver Charles Johnson, whose 28-yard TD reception from Doug Pederson was the game-winner. "That was just plain ignorant. ... I was embarrassed to stand on the sideline."

Ah, classy. Honoring our veterans through devoted fandom.

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