Wednesday, April 21, 2004

DO I REPEAT MYSELF? VERY WELL, THEN -- I REPEAT MYSELF: From April 3, 2003, on this very blog, quoting The Hot Button's David Poland, after Rickey Smith got axed before Kim Caldwell, Goat Girl and Josh Gracin. Poland wrote:
I said it last time and I’ll say it again… the American Idol competition has an ugly racial element. This week, along with the scummy move of removing a competitor and not removing any contestants after putting the show’s viewers through the regular ringer, both black female contestants were in the bottom three. Virtually any objective analysis would put them both in the top half of the eight contestants. Last year, two black women singers – one of whom is now guesting on Fox’s Boston Public – were eliminated before clearly inferior performers.

I’m not a big fan of crying “race.” And I don’t know if there is a way to get more black people to watch the show or to get more white people to vote for people regardless of race. But while neither of these two young ladies seems likely to make the Top Two, they both seem to deserve the Top Five. And based on this week’s voting, it looks like both will be gone in the next three weeks.

I'm going to spoil away, because this is such nonsense: your bottom three was Fantasia, LaToya and Jennifer Hudson, and Hudson, despite having the best performance last night, is gone.

The idea that John, Diana or Jasmine could win this thing over Fantasia, LaToya or George is both very ridiculous and very much possible, and with all due respect to Ann Althouse, race still has a significant role to play in Idol voting. Huff's shocked look when he was told which group was the bottom three spoke volumes, and we're stuck with Conan O'Sinatra for a long, long time.

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