Wednesday, May 19, 2004

BETTER LATE . . . : It may have taken him until the age of 45, but Tom Arnold has finally said something funny:
Could a 30-second film role have saved Kobe Bryant from his rape trial in Colorado? Tom Arnold seems to think so after making his new movie, "Soul Plane," which also stars Snoop Dogg.

He says Bryant was originally offered a cameo that later went to fellow Laker Karl Malone.

Arnold told us, "[Kobe] was considering it, but he called back and said 'I have to be in Colorado that day to get a little bit of surgery.' I swear to God. It is the only time in history that someone could say 'Damn, if I had only been with Snoop Dogg last night, I wouldn't have gotten in trouble.'"

Arnold's next good joke is due in 2049.

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