Tuesday, June 8, 2004

LIKE BEING DENIED PASSAGE ON THE TITANIC: So, ER's Alex Kingston is upset that they've axed her from the show, and is claiming age discrimination.

Truth is, it's the best thing that could've happened to her.

Why? Her character, Dr. Elizabeth Corday, was given nothing interesting to do for the past two seasons, and the show itself is a shell of its former glory.

Think about the good Corday plots: the relationship with Dr. Benton, tension with Weaver, the malpractice suits, and all that that glorious, unresolved tension with Rocket Romano. Even all the Mark Greene stuff feels better in retrospect, except for the longest death in tv history, but it's made up for by fond memories of Mark's older daughter getting their infant daughter hooked on 'E'.

Since his death? Random hookups. Occasional mourning. Her daughter basically disappeared from the show. And months went by without her being involved in a plot, or even on-screen.

They just never figured out what to do with her after Anthony Edwards left the show, and in all likelihood, she should've left then too. I wish her well.

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