Friday, June 4, 2004

YES, BUT THIS VERSION'S ACTUALLY FUNNY: One of the great mysteries of last TV season was how NBC managed to take Steven Moffat's insightful, funny, and slightly raunchy British scripts for "Coupling," and turn them into the piece of turd we saw on Thursday nights for four weeks last fall. Part of it was terrible casting, part of it was the fact that words like "pornography" are just funnier when said in a Welsh accent, and part of it was just how good the British version was. And it's back with six all new episodes, on BBC America.

The show had several jump the shark moments at the end of its last series. A couple announced they were expecting a baby and a pairing about whom we'd been asking "will they or won't they?" for two seasons decided that they would. Add to this that one of the six main characters is not returning for season 4 (without being written out at the end of season 3), and you can almost hear the immortal John Williams theme in the background. Sunday will nswer the question of whether a show can avoid jumping the shark when the sharks are circling in the water, a deeply fascinating question.

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