Wednesday, August 24, 2005

ACTUALLY, UW MADISON MAKES THIS LIST TOO: The Washington Monthly (probably my favorite wonky political magazine) has an interesting feature this month--a new set of college rankings, which attempts to place less emphasis on U.S. News standbys like median SATs, alumni giving, and size of endowment, but instead using a methodology focusing on community service, research, and how much the college contributes to "social mobility." Neither Harvard or Yale cracks the top 10, and (somewhat surprisingly) Princeton doesn't even crack the top 30. Surprises on the University list include Penn State at #6, Texas A&M at #7, and UC Davis at #17. On the liberal arts side, at least some of our readers will be very pleased to hear that Amherst puts in a very good show at #6, while Williams (U.S. News' #1 liberal arts college) is at #14, and Swarthmore is at #21.

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