Tuesday, September 27, 2005

HI. WE'RE LOOKING FOR THE TOWN OF 'SOHO'? WE THINK IT'S STRAIGHT AHEAD: We're kinda lucky at this blog -- no one knows how to race the streets of NYC better than Ms. Cosmopolitan and her Mr., and I do have some familiarity with Philadelphia and Lancaster County. A running tally of thoughts on The Amazing Are We There Yet?
  • We like Team African-American. We are not so much fans of Team Bickering Italian American Stereotypes.
  • I believe a majority of teams believe they will be "underestimated". Mathematically, this cannot be true.
  • "Looks like people like to use spray paint in New York"
  • Amazingest Cameo Evir. I will not spoil it for the West Coasters.
  • "In Pennsylvania? I don't know if that means the state of Pennsylvania?"
  • Best route from the hot dog cart: GW Bridge to NJ Turnpike south to exit 9 or 10; then take Route 1 south to 95/295 south, get off right after you cross the Scudder Falls bridge. Any team travelling across that dinky bridge from the park in NJ wasted time.
  • The Vince!
  • "Pennsylvania may be a state. I don't know."
  • Washington Crossing to the Plateau (the place where everybody goes): I-95 south to 676 West across Center City, then Schuylkill west to Montgomery Drive, and you're, like, there. All those teams you saw driving in Center City or past houses? Lost.
  • How does a team get to complete a task (building a tent) for another? Since when!
  • Runaway Buggy!
  • Return of "the smoke that thunders" in a Race opener, thanks to that Linz boy.
  • Liked the detour options.

So here's my question, because I was not attentive enough: to what extent did the bunchings from the overnight carry over into the results? Other than the Paolos, who significantly over- or under-performed on day two?

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