Tuesday, December 13, 2005

GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATIONS ARE OUT: Start analyzing, Oscar-watchers. It looks like Brokeback is now the official favorite (with Munich not nominated), Good Night, and Good Luck and and Constant Gardner, The Squid and the Whale and Woody Allen's Match Point are now frisky sleepers to watch.

Two immediate questions, and I'm sure you'll have more: how do you nominate A History of Violence for best drama, and then, of the three main performances, only nominate Maria Bello but not Viggo Mortensen or especially William Hurt? How do you nominate Matt Dillon for Crash but not Don Cheadle or Thandie Newton?

[Edit by Matt--IMDB's list includes the TV categories, which are dominated by the new, with only Curb Your Enthusiasm having a debut date before 2004 in the top categories, and with nods for Drs. McDreamy, House, and Yang as well as all four Desperate Housewives.]

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