Tuesday, December 20, 2005

MYSTIC CRYSTAL REVELATION AND THE MIND'S TRUE LIBERATION: Nielsen has entered the Age of TiVo. Starting Monday, DVR data will be included in the Nielsen ratings. Their representation will be small at first -- only 100 out of 9000 homes -- but by the fall, Nielsen expects 800 DVR homes to be included. (About 8% of US homes currently have DVRs, as compared to 93.7% of ALOTT5MA homes.)

As part and parcel of this transition, Nielsen will offer three sets of ratings for each program: (1) live, real-time viewing (the current ratings system), (2) live viewing plus same-day playback, and (3) live viewing plus playback within seven days of initial airing. It'll be interesting to see how these three data sets stack up against one another once all 800 DVR households are included.

I'm thinking that advertisers are going to be kind of pissed when they see just how many of us start watching Lost (remember Lost? that show that's on hiatus for six weeks?) at 9:30 pm.

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