Tuesday, September 26, 2006

DESIGNERS, I'M GOING TO ASK YOU TO ALL GATHER AROUND FOR A MOMENT: So, here's the deal -- after last week's rerun and this week's Final Four competition, Project Runway goes Reunion, The Week Where They Make The Final Collections and Week Where They Show The Final Collections And We See Who Wins, meaning that this season's not ending until October 18.

How do we fill the time? By reading gossip about a potential finals rules infraction and things like Tim Gunn's chat with WaPo readers, which included the revelation that this season took just 32 days to film all eleven challenges (other than the finals), and this query:
Bethesda, Md.: Ok...please settle this debate. What color shoes should a man wear with a navy suit?

Tim Gunn: I say black. Does anyone want a debate?

Also: I've really enjoyed this season, but it's not quite as gripping as the first two. Is it that we don't have characters as gripping as Austin/Jay and Santino/Andrae/TheDaniels, or that something's changed about the show, or that it's too formulaic, or that I'm completely wrong?

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