Tuesday, January 2, 2007

ISN'T EVERY BLOG REQUIRED TO HAVE A RESOLUTION-RELATED POST AROUND THIS TIME OF YEAR? I resolve this is the year I finally read both Kavalier and Clay and Middlemarch after several false starts, watch No Direction Home, The Sopranos and The Wire, and The Best of Youth on DVD and get through When the Levees Broke on my Tivo.

So, ALOTT5MAers, which dusty books on your nightstand or DVDs you keep moving down your Netflix cue do you resolve to tackle this year. Which shows on your Tivo do you vow to plow through. Are you resolving to watch any new shows this year? Any new music acts that you have ignored that you plan to sample?

Keep the exercise more/not fight with my family resolutions to yourself, but any book/TV/movie/music/stage/pop culture-related resolutions belong in the comments here.

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