Friday, August 17, 2007

I MAJORED IN VACATION: Things to love about HSM2:
  • So many big dance numbers. It's a fun movie to watch.
  • Increased roles for secondary characters like Kelsi, Martha, and Zeke
  • Sharpay's Tina Turner number, and her new friends the Sharp-ettes. And the Esther Williams number.
  • That corkscrew move during the opening number.
  • That three songs were co-written by Robbie Nevil, of "C'est La Vie" and "Wot's It To Ya" fame, as there were in the original.
  • The whole Troy-Ryan switcheroo.
  • Troy's pouty-face on the bridge during the breakup number.
  • The line "I don't even know who I am anymore." If you're going to write a formula movie, give us the formula line.
  • The Troy-Sharpay dressing room scene.
  • Freud's going to have a field day with that penultimate scene on the golf course.
  • Not enough Lucas Grabeel. Not that there's ever enough.
  • Never has Zac Efron looked as short as when he stood next to the basketball players. And did he have Extra Shirtlessness written into his contract?
  • Also, his voice double from the first movie has a better singing voice than he does.
  • Also, the Angry Zac In Black number was the musical equivalent of Kevin Bacon's solo dancing in the mill in Footloose, except without being awesome. Especially because, as Virginia Heffernan notes, his spray-tan got a little out of control.
  • And, in general, the songs just felt too processed, a bit too non-diegetic. And nothing's as catchy as "We're All In This Together" or "Get Your Head In The Game," but I haven't seen this five times yet.
Thoughts, comments?

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