Tuesday, September 25, 2007

KILL THE MINDREADER, SAVE THE SHOW: At least in my book it's not a good thing that the season premiere of last season's hot new serialized supernatural drama, Heroes, made exactly three distinct impressions on me: (1) throughout, I thought, "they've really upped the production budget this season -- look how lavishly this is filmed"; (2) hey, look, there's Sark, and for an Oregon boy he sure is typecast as a Brit; and (3) holy crap, when are they going to do a commercial so I can see a man about a horse? It wasn't bad, exactly, but to thrive, the show needs either to set up an intriguing mystery or provide a completely unexpected surprise in the last five minutes (or, occasionally, both), and in this case it did neither.

And Detective Agent Weiss, please stop sucking all of the life of this show. Do we really need a two-year tutorial in how not to use Greg Grunberg?

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