Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ME AND MARIAH GO BACK LIKE BABIES WITH PACIFIERS: So, it's Mariah Carey week on Idol, and my goodness these singles don't present a lot of options for the men. To me, she's a more difficult sonic mountain to tackle than Whitney because that higher-octave range just seems so impossible for mere mortals to climb -- human beings are not supposed to hit the same notes as a teakettle.

If I'm Young David Archuleta, I ask if her cover of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" is eligible (and then wrestle Clifford the Crunchy Muppet for the right to sing it), but otherwise I can see him doing a credible job on "Hero," and not just because it's yet another inspirational song. I have a feeling CtCM could work "Emotions" into his little range, and for David Cook, I think "We Belong Together," "Dreamlover" or Harry Nilsson's "Without You" are among the songs he theoretically could rock out on.

For the ladies: avoid "One Sweet Day". You will not convince the audience that Wanya, Shawn, Nathan and Michael were unnecessary. What advice would you give?

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