Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"TO ME" IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE ANSWER: For our fourth round of the game of Humiliation, we turn not to the screen or the palate or your childhood but rather to The Map, and with a simple question: Name some place you've never been which you assume everyone else here has.

Now, "place" is a somewhat elastic term, and while you're obviously welcome to claim some specific geographic location for your ignominy ("The Grand Canyon," in my case), feel free to be more generic if it suits you. "Chick-Fil-A," say. Or "a major league baseball stadium." Please select only one place, and if there's any questions about eligibility we'll figure something out.

To be sure, the 1-2 readers we have whose answer is "America" likely have a leg up in this round, so second place will matter too. So tell us your most humiliating haven't-been-to. I'll take the responses that appear to be the biggest outliers, and around 3pm EDT or so we'll vote.

added: We're voting. Go to it.

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