Friday, October 23, 2009

DO YOU REALLY THINK SHE'LL PULL THROUGH? Results for this week's Humiliation VI: The Unbreakable Round are in, and as expected, Amy's having never taken a sick day (despite having spent an overnight in a hospital as a patient, having her wisdom teeth out, an ear infection, pink eye and the flu) gives her the win for the most abnormal lack of suffering, with only starshy926 concurring on the perfect attendance. The other most common maladies suffered by all but a few: a cold (Jessica), cavities (me), flu (Michelle), glasses/contact lenses (Maret), acne (Deanna), nose bleed (Alyssa) and strep throat (Robin).

On the rare side, only 12/175 of us have had the measles, with tonsil removal, pneumonia, mono, poison ivy and fainting also less frequently suffered. [Q: has medical practice just changed with regards to tonsils, or was tonsil removal just a bigger deal in the popular culture of the 1970s than it is today?] Most of us have had braces, but we're about 50/50 on pink eye, cold sores and overnight hospitalization.

Winners of the Elijah Price/Jonathan Vosburg Division -- for spending the most time in the infirmary -- were Meghan (A Different One), slowlylu, Kevin B, Joan H., tim, Michele M and kevbo nobo. And yet while Amy has never take a sick day, 35 of you still have suffered from fewer ailments than she has -- the Whatever Name Bruce Willis' Character Had In That Movie Division is led by Moira, Duvall, Jeff, starshy926, Russ, Katelyn, Barb and Abby G. Average of 16.52 out of 28 maladies listed, median of 17.

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