Sunday, May 1, 2011

CHEESE, SQUASH, DUCK!  Every single secret ingredient reveal in two minutes from Iron Chef America's Chairman Not-Kaga.

added: Via Joseph J. Finn, Chairman Kaga -- 150 reveals in alphabetical order.  BONITO!


  1. Robin8:52 AM

    If I ever go to a Farmer's Market again, I am going to annoy whomever I go with my saying those words in that voice over and over.

  2. Eric J.2:49 PM

    I'd like to see a similar compilation of Chairman Kaga, just to highlight how much better the original show's ingredients are.

  3. Except for Natto Beans, which were nasty.

  4. "Farmer's Market!" is not an ingredient.  And at least one is missing, because I know I saw one in which Paula Deen competed in which the secret ingredient was SUGAR!

  5. Daniel Fienberg6:17 PM

    Two observations:

    1) American "Iron Chef" challenges are laaaaaaaame. That's a big part of why it's never been a regular part of my viewing, while the original always was. 

    2) Mark Dacascos is a hammy, hammy man. But surely there's something Emmy worthy about that level of hammery. I bet he'd do just as well with lecturing "Survivor" contestants on race relations as Probst does...


  6. Meghan7:31 PM

    Yeah, that not-chairman is annoying. I never realized how irritating the post-announcement facial expression is. This reminds me of that YouTube of David Caruso's pithy line just before the credits on CSI.

  7. Joseph J. Finn9:21 PM

    Oh, I'd pay good money for a parody of Tribal Council with Mark Dacascos presiding as the Fake Chairman.  FIRE IS LIFE!