Monday, February 20, 2012

YOU KICKED CHECKERS, YOU'RE PREJUDICED, AND YOU HAVE A POTTY MOUTH:  Favorite film about the Nixon Presidency: All the President's Men, Frost/Nixon, Nixon, or Dick?


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Dick, easily.  Certainly my favorite Nixon performance.

  2. Joseph J, Finn8:58 AM

    Sorry that was me.

  3. bill.9:03 AM

    1. Dick
    2. SNL -- The Final Days. Well, Abe, you were lucky. They shot you.
    3. Frost/Nixon
    4. Point Break
    5. All the President's Men
    6. Nixon

  4. Maret9:42 AM

    All the President's Men.

  5. All the President's Men is one of the 10 best movies.  Ever.

  6. Adam C.9:56 AM

    +20 for inclusion of Point Break.

  7. Adam C.10:05 AM

    AtPM, with Dick close behind.  But let me add a little-seen contender to the mix:  Robert Altman's Secret Honor, starring Philip Baker Hall.

    It's also interesting to contemplate the political conspiracy thriller genre of the 1970s and early 1980s, which (I think one can edge right up to The Line by saying) owes its success, if not necessarily its existence, in large part to Nixon's presidency.

  8. Definitely All the President's Men. That is a fantastic conspiracy movie. Dick is certainly entertaining, and I'd put it above Frost/Nixon (and certainly Nixon).

  9. To my knowledge, of the four Adam mentioned: Dick is the only one with rollerskates, therefore it's the clear winner.

  10. All the President's Men

    But I'll second the recommendation for Secret Honor, which is amazing.  I saw the stage play of Frost/Nixon and found it so compelling that I'm afraid to watch the film because I think it can't help but suffer.

    I need to rewatch Dick.  And I thought Nixon was a big bloated mess.

  11. bill.5:30 PM

    Almost forgot I had this one, Orson Welles' The Begatting of the President. From 1969, it's a cheaply punned biblocal intrepration of the rise of Richard Nixon. I'd ripped it from vinyl and had it at a account, but Vox closed up. Lucky for you, I found in the internet archive for your downloading pleasure(?).

  12. Heather k7:10 PM

    The Contender

  13. The Contender was about the Nixon presidency?  Boy was I not paying attention.