Sunday, March 10, 2013

RESOLVED: THIS HOUSE FAVOURS HOUSTON BABIES BASE BALL: Okay, it's not Houston Babies Base Ball. But it's Base Ball!


  1. Adam C.12:02 AM

    These guys would like to have a word:

  2. Of course, we need to talk about Conan in 1864.

  3. isaac_spaceman9:32 PM

    I can't believe they allow modern footwear. In 1986 or so, my high school bought about a hundred bazillion pairs of ancient (and I mean ancient) cleats and gave everybody on the football team the "option" of buying a pair. They were patent leather, felt like dress shoes, and had iron bolts sticking out of the bottom. You had to go to the box in the coaches' office and grab a handful of cleats and screw them into the bolts. The cleats were plastic, and if you ran over a sprinkler head (or another player's cleat), they'd break, and then you'd either have a naked iron bolt or a sharp plastic cleat shard sticking out of your shoe. Excellent for murdering a friend or destroying your knee. And it took about three practices to rip all of the grass out of the field.

    So what I'm saying is that I'm sure there are places (my alma mater, say) where one could get some authentic footwear for these contests.