Friday, July 5, 2013

MR. BOH'S OTHER EYE:  In honor of the holiday weekend, Deadspin ranks thirty-six cheap American beers from worst-to-least-worst, approximately three-quarters' of which I've had at some point. Just the words "Natural Light" make me shudder now.


  1. Mom's usual is #6, Father's is #5. At least they have GOOD cheap taste.

  2. lisased10:58 AM

    We refer to all of these beers as "crab boil ingredients."

  3. Mr. Cosmo11:34 AM

    Sadly, 905 Light is no longer made, or it would be a solid 33rd.

  4. J. Bowman3:14 PM

    True story: there are four Utica Club Thirst Extinguishers in my freezer right now.

  5. Joseph Finn5:09 PM

    Come on now. Half the joy of being in New Jersey for a week is easy access to Yuengling on tap. No reason it should be on that list.

  6. The Pathetic Earthling1:21 PM

    I find the Trader Joe's beer to be almost decent when served really, really cold.

    And I just had PBR for the first time and -- wow -- it tastes like the aftertaste of beer.