Friday, July 12, 2013

THOUGH SUCH AN EVENT COULD EXPLAIN NEWARK'S DECAY:  Philip Roth did not, in fact, watch Sharknado with Mia Farrow last night.


  1. Rumor is that they WILL be getting together tonight to watch PADTHAIDALWAVE.

  2. Ana at some point last night: "Baby, what's Sharknado? My entire Twitter feed is about it, and it gives me no clues."

  3. andrewraff2:44 PM

    Next thing you'll tell me is that Sharknado wasn't actually realistic.

  4. Jenn.3:11 PM

    I will admit that I was disappointed by the lack of Sharknado coverage on this blog. I mean, I was getting a fair amount of Sharknado coverage courtesy of my favorite weather blog, the Capital Weather Gang, but I expect such things to be covered here. So, now my faith in humanity (or at least the humanity that manages this blog) has been restored.

    In other news, for those of you (well, us) who did not actually WATCH Sharknado, Linda Holmes has you (well, us) covered: