Monday, December 9, 2013

Many runners were decked out in old-school gray sweats and red headbands like the ones Rocky wore. Phil Yurkon of Scranton, Pa., wore boxing gloves and had "Lithuanian Stallion" written on the back of his sweatshirt, a play on Rocky's "Italian Stallion" nickname and a homage to Mr. Yurkon's ancestry. The 32-year-old hadn't run more than 17 miles before this run; he heard about the Rocky run the day before and decided to try it. 
Brian Lynch stepped out of his house across the street from the one used in "Rocky II." The "Rocky house" draws a steady stream of curiosity seekers, often tourists from the U.K., he said. He was impressed by the turnout for the run. But he confessed to sometimes thinking that when he goes around Philadelphia, "I can't escape this damn movie."... 
"I'm getting ready for my cheesesteak, gonna stretch out for a little bit, and go home and take a nap probably," Mr. Yurkon said after completing the run.

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