Sunday, July 13, 2014

THE PART WILL BE PLAYED BY SOMEONE...YOU KNOW:NBC's Peter Pan: Live will feature Christopher Walken as Captain Hook (and presumably, additional cowbell added to the score).  They apparently tried to get Kristen Bell to play Pan, but she turned them down.


  1. jhedman9:39 AM

    I hope Walken gets a huge dance number. Is Thomas Brodie-Sangster too old for Pan, or does he have no signing voice? He's certainly got the look.

  2. The Peter Pan score is written for an adult woman to play Pan, and NBC has indicated that's what they're going with.

  3. jhedman1:31 PM

    Obviously, as that's the way it's always been done, but doesn't it bother anyone else? Pan's a boy, he should be played by a boy, and if a few songs need to be transposed down a few keys, what's the big deal? If Jonah Hill can play Pan in 21 Jump Street, is this really a problem?

  4. Declan John2:41 PM

    Jinkx Monsoon (aka Jerick Hoffer). He's best known for winning Rupaul's Drag Race last year but in Seattle (where I come from) he has a separate career in musical theater...I've seen him in Rent (Angel) and as Hedwig. He'd be perfection.