Saturday, September 6, 2014

AND THAT, KIDS, IS HOW ...  The actual, official, alternative-and-so-much-better ending has leaked.


  1. Joseph Finn5:10 PM

    Ah, the *snorrrrrrre* ending.

  2. ChinMusic6:18 PM

    Also, dude, leaked is not the preferred nomenclature. Hacked and stolen, please. Relatedly, the video at that link is down.

  3. Roger6:54 PM

    What makes you think that it was hacked?

    Anyway, there are other mirrors at the reddit thread. And yes, this is so much better. Sigh.

  4. ChinMusic8:57 PM

    I assumed it was hacked because the video is now down. Typically sites don't pull down legally obtained video.

  5. What it appears happened is that someone received the DVDs that contain this early and ripped it from that. While that might be a DMCA violation (depending on what they did to rip it), it probably doesn't constitute "hacking." (And I say this as someone who's generally pro-copyright.)

  6. D'Arcy11:27 PM

    When I clicked the link I got a message that said, "This video does not exist." I thought it was a clever joke - there is no alternative ending, however much fans may wish there was. Then I read the comments and realized there must be an actual alternative ending. Now to find it...

  7. D'Arcy11:34 PM

    Found it. Yes, it's boring and predictable, and I think it's the way it should have ended.