Wednesday, November 12, 2014

SAD AND BLUE, NOT SHINY AND NEW:  Like a Virgin, Madonna's second album, was released thirty years ago today, and its three lead singles (the title track, "Material Girl," and "Dress You Up") remain pop canon. Christgau:
If a woman wants to sell herself as a sex fantasy I'll take a free ride--as long as the fantasy of it remains out front, so I don't start confusing image with everyday life. But already she's so sure of herself she's asking men and women both to get the hots for the calculating bitch who sells the fantasy even while she bids for the sincerity market where long-term superstars ply their trade. And to make the music less mechanical (just like Bowie, right?), she's hired Nile Rodgers, who I won't blame for making it less catchy. B
Topping the charts this week: "Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)," by Billy Ocean.


  1. Christy in Philly9:54 AM

    I was in first grade when the album came out. My mom (and my friends' moms) had to convince us to do You're Never Fully Dressed from Annie in the school talent show instead of Like a Virgin.

  2. Jim Bell12:21 PM

    I'm not taking shit off today.

  3. StvMg7:37 PM

    If my memory's correct, I believe Angel was actually the third single and then Dress You Up was the fourth single (with Into The Groove being released as a single from the Desperately Seeking Susan soundtrack in between those two, and Crazy For You being a single from Vision Quest in between Material Girl and Angel).