Monday, December 8, 2014

MY ANACONDA DON'T? MY ANACONDA DO?  Spoilers on what happened on Discovery's Eaten Alive special, which aired last night.


  1. Jordan10:55 AM

    Can I be both pissed off at this guy for doing it and also pissed off at him for not doing it?

  2. Adam B.12:06 PM

    The key footage is here:

  3. Melissa R.3:36 PM

    More entertaining (& informational) was the twitter feed of a real snake expert: I think he's getting a lot of interviews as a result of that painfully stupid special so I'm glad at least some good has come out of it. Discovery Channel, what are you doing? I feel like they are ruining their brand for short term profits. This can't be sustainable. Can it?