Friday, December 5, 2014

SHOULDN'T THEY REPLACE THE GRAMOPHONE WITH A COMPUTER?  The Grammys have now announced their nominations in all categories save Album of the Year, and a few observations:
  • The Album race is going to be interesting, since so many of the singles honored in the Record/Song category don't have an eligible accompanying album ("Shake It Off," "All About That Bass") or are from albums that didn't make much of a splash ("Chandelier," "Fancy")
  • Beyonce didn't crack the record/song categories, but seems a safe bet for album, right?
  • Despite being the top selling album of the year, recognition for Frozen thus far limited to soundtrack categories.  No nomination for Menzel.
  • The big winner from the nominations?  Sam Smith, who's up for Record, Song, New Artist, Pop Solo Performance, and Pop Vocal Album, with a decent shot at getting into the Album of the Year category.
  • For those looking for guidance on the Original Song Oscar, the Grammys are of little help, nominating 3 songs that were eligible last year alongside "Everything Is Awesome" and a song from the Glen Campbell documentary.
  • EGOT Watch--Donald Glover (Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Album), James Franco (Best Spoken Word), Sarah Silverman (Best Comedy Album), Neil Patrick Harris (Hedwig cast recording, with a win bringing him to EGT), and the Lonely Island (Best Song Written For Visual Media).


  1. Adam B.9:17 PM

    Others for EGOT monitoring: Jack Black (Tenacious D) has a metal nomination; Massachusetts' senior senator also in spoken word.

    Also: Pentatonix with, I think, its first nomination.

  2. And the album nominees are bonkers (and not in the ordinary Grammy way of honoring random old fogeys and rock groups)--Beyonce, Sam Smith, Beck, Ed Sheeran, and Pharell. (And Sheeran is poised to have another batch of nominations next year for "Don't.")