Saturday, January 31, 2015

HOLDERS OF THE MUSTARD JACKET:  The National Football Hall of Fame has voted to induct players Junior Seau (in his first year of eligibility), along with Jerome Bettis (5th), Charles Haley (6th), Will Shields (4th) and Tim Brown (6th). As for the other finalists:
The players who filled slots six through 10, and stand a solid shot at the Hall next year include linebacker Kevin Greene, quarterback Kurt Warner, tackle Orlando Pace, wide receiver Marvin Harrison and coach Tony Dungy. 
The first five players eliminated from the original list of 15 modern era finalists were coaches Don Coryell and Jimmy Johnson, kicker Morten Andersen, running back Terrell Davis and safety John Lynch.
Next year, that fun-loving mudslinger becomes eligible.  (Seriously, there's such a backlog in this Hall; all fifteen finalists belong in, don't they?)


  1. Joseph Finn10:20 PM

    My personal feelings about Dungy aside...yes.

  2. kayah3:37 AM

    Charles Haley should have been in on his first year of eligibility! I couldn't take the Hall seriously until he was in! 5 Rings, hello!

  3. Jordan9:35 AM

    Yeah, I don't know about TD. He had a strong rookie year followed by three amazing seasons followed by three seasons where he couldn't stay on the field. And that's it. His career numbers put him squarely in Charlie Garner/Garrison Hearst territory. If you consider yards from scrimmage into RB value, he looks more like Reggie Bush. He's not more deserving than say, Priest Holmes. Do you need sustained greatness for the NFL HoF?

  4. Adam B.12:26 PM

    I guess the question is whether this Hall has a Sandy Koufax wing. (E.g., Gale Sayers.)