Friday, February 20, 2015

IT'S LIKE CHARLIE'S ANGELS, ONLY WITH DUDES IN SINGLETS:  Carrying forward one of my favorite routines from the Fametracker days, sketches out upcoming tv adaptations of this year's Oscar nominated films:
America may have talent, but does it have the backbone to stand up to mental abuse and humiliation thrown at it by a sadistic teacher? That's what we'll find out in Whiplash, the latest competitive reality series from the makers of The Voice. Each week, musicians and singers from across the country will take to the Whiplash stage to express themselves musically, only to suffer a steady stream of abuse from chief judge J.K. Simmons, reprising the role that will define his career -- Professor Nathaniel Burke from the Farmers Insurance ads. The music will make your heart soar, even as Simmons's cruel taunts will make your fists clench. Get ready for a bad case of Whiplash, America!
(Farewell, Five Clones of Karl Malden.)

Your Oscar hopes, dreams, and nightmares are welcome. (I am on Team Boyhood.)


  1. Joseph Finn2:40 PM

    I hate that I would actually give the Imitation Game show a shot just for that cast.

  2. The nightmare for me is a Birdman sweep (though I have no doubt Emma Stone would give a charming acceptance speech) or an Imitation Game win for Best Director (seriously, how did work that bland get nominated?).

  3. Joseph Finn5:24 PM

    Oh, my picks for the big 7:

    Movie: Boyhood
    Director: Anderson
    Actor: Redmayne
    Actress: Moore
    Supporting Actor: Simmons
    Supporting Actress: Arquette
    Original Script: Brand Budapest Hotel
    Adapted Script: Whiplash