Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WHOA, NELLIE:  It's not hard to be really, really skeptical about whether Harper Lee actually wants to publish a second novel:
This may very well not be an exploitative situation! But oh man, in the absence of clear answers and a well-thought-out strategy on the part of Harper Lee’s publishers, it certainly looks like one. A woman spent her whole life making it very clear that she was not interested in releasing a second novel suddenly changes her mind – without having been directly contacted by anyone at her publisher, it sounds like – while also being apparently too enfeebled to pick up a phone and answer a few basic questions? I don’t know, hasn’t she made HarperCollins enough money that they could send down a few editors to talk with her in person, if it’s that important? How much time have they had for this publicity rollout? Shouldn’t they have, at the very least, coordinated a more well-thought-out sound bite?


  1. I'm hearing that the sequel's "big bad" is Frank Miller-era "Bullseye." Anyone able to confirm?

  2. I'm holding out for the film adaptation with Adrianne Palicki.