Monday, March 30, 2015

EASE ON DOWN THE ROAD:  This Thanksgiving, it's The Wiz: Live! on NBC--a couple of twists this time:

  • The show will feature choreography/contributions from Cirque du Soleil (presumably in the "flying monkeys" material).
  • New book material will be added by Harvey Fierstein, who will co-direct with Kenny Leon.
  • This will be the precusor to a Broadway revival of the show from the same creative team.  Unclear if they're looking for the cast to continue, but I'd expect they'll be looking for at least a Dorothy who will transfer.
Casting suggestions are invited--you have to assume they look to either Fantasia or Jennifer Hudson as Dorothy and Audra as Glinda, but how about Donald Glover as either the Scarecrow or the Tin Man?


  1. Joseph Finn4:10 PM

    Someone find a reason to get Gugu Mbatha-Raw in there. Alternatively, just see Beyond the Lights and try to figure out why she's not a star yet.

  2. natalied65794:10 PM

    I wish they would use someone younger for Dorothy, maybe Zendaya? Diana was too old in the movie (I still love it) and I think a young face would bring something needed to the role.

  3. Another possible target for Dorothy? Rihanna, who's got the pipes and was quite good in Home.

  4. Also--Kanye West IS The Wiz?

  5. Watchman1265:27 PM

    I believe he has already insisted on Beyonce for that role...and all of the other ones in the film.

  6. Joseph Finn5:36 PM

    Is it animated? If not, I've seen Battleship and I think I'd be leery of ever watching Rihanna in live action again.

  7. Jordan9:39 PM

    How about Donald Glover as Spiderman? Oops, wrong thread.