Monday, March 2, 2015

THE VIRUS, THE REMBRANDT, THE MARGARITA POOL:  Yes, I will keep watching The Last Man on Earth. That was some inspired, unique television.


  1. It was a great first couple of episodes, but I have continuing questions about the sustainability of this premise as a TV series rather than a 110 minute movie.

  2. BarbL11412:06 PM

    There was an article in maybe EW where Forte discussed that doing a tv show meant they could show more detaily stuff, and also that it meant they wouldn't have to have a third-act big blow-out. I do think that they'll have to bring in more people to give it a chance at succeeding.

  3. Tosy and Cosh12:18 PM

    There's an interview at the NYTimes site today where Miller and Lord say "We were hiding the first reveal. And there are 13 reveals this season.
    The show that it ends up being is very different from where it started

    That is very encouraging.

  4. The Pathetic Earthling2:04 PM

    I really liked that show. I had to turn it off just when he met the grammarian, but I'll catch the rest tonight. Very fun.

  5. Marsha6:12 PM

    I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even if it doesn't pan out over the long term, it's nice to see someone being this experimental on TV (especially network TV!). I really didn't watch Forte on SNL, but loved him on 30 Rock and in Nebraska, and I love him so far in this. I'll be watching the whole season.

  6. bill.7:59 PM

    Loved it, looking forward to seeing what happens next. I'm curious to see if the animals disappeared as well.

    And without spending too much time on the actual outcomes -- how long would the plumbing hold out, supermarkets must be nasty from the rotting food -- there's got to be a better place to hang out than Tucson. Too hot without AC and water is a problem. I'm thinking North Carolina piedmont area is a good mix. Not too hot or too cold, good growing region, far enough inland for hurricanes, and the whole east coast is accessible. The Biltmore would make a nice summer home.

  7. Also, assuming power is out, how on earth did he manage to keep filling his bus with gas as he criss-crossed America?

  8. bill.8:44 PM

    I'm assuming he figured out how to access a gas station's underground tanks and built a siphoning rig.

    How long do you give the Mississippi river bridges to remain safe and which side would you want to be stuck on?

  9. Adam B.9:31 PM

    How about San Diego? Temperate climate, and if there still are living (and edible) animals, plenty of fishing. Also, the Zoo.

  10. bill.9:55 PM


    So we need a temperate climate, minimal natural disasters, water, farmable land, and possible fish / huntable animals.

  11. bill.8:39 AM

    Upon review, San Diego might be perfect. Plenty of fresh water and agriculture, and this:

    " In actuality, however, San Diego has lower instances of seismic activity than other areas of California and it is far less prone to having a major earthquake.

    Furthermore, San Diego does not have hurricanes, tornadoes or floods. In fact, San Diego’s climate is near perfect, and has more days where the temperature is 72 degrees than virtually anywhere else on the planet."

  12. The Pathetic Earthling4:23 PM

    It's a diesel. You'd only need to stop at any big rig, cut off and lower the fuel hose into a jerry can. That's pretty easy, actually.

    What bothers me is that the roads are all clear. I assume in the event of an actual .99999+ mortality plague, you'd have lots of people crowding freeways, hospitals, churches, etc.

  13. The Pathetic Earthling4:26 PM

    Okay, now I've watched it all. That was bloody fantastic.

    And I love the idea of this woman still wanting to follow rules about handicap parking -- because, by God, if I was that last man on Earth, I totally still would. (I'd still use a handgun to open up windows, of course).

  14. The Pathetic Earthling4:28 PM

    There's actually plenty of water in Tucson -- for 10,000 or so people -- not so much for 600,000. But, yeah, the heat is a bitch. If you want to restart society, I'd probably head for for the Willamette Valley. Not only is is reliable year round water (and a good growing season), eventually Kevin Costner will show up with your mail.

  15. bill.5:27 PM

    Until we're told otherwise I'm assuming a "Night of the Comet" situation where the victims instantly became piles of dust.

  16. Joseph Finn11:33 PM


    That can't be right.

    And that's the point where I hit the Series record on this show.