Monday, April 27, 2015

EGOT WATCH:  Stephen Schwartz will receive this year's Isabelle Stevenson award at the Tonys, with six nominations and no wins (Pippin lost to A Little Night Music, Godspell lost to Annie, Working lost to On The Twentieth Century, Rags lost to Les Mis, and Wicked lost to Avenue Q), Tony was the surprise missing leg for him.  He already has 3 Oscars (for Pocahontas and Prince of Egypt) and 4 Grammys, so keep an eye on him doing something for TV.


  1. Joseph Finn9:01 AM

    I know I can be a jerk about honorary awards and the EGOTs (but much more so about executive-producer credits), but this is so damn well deserved that I can;t imagine anyone griping.

    But really, looking at that list of losses...they all seem completely fair except for Working. No shame in those losses.

  2. In general Tony nomination news, I'm thrilled by the love for Fun Home (not unexpected, but still wonderful). It's such a beautiful, intimate, complex musical, and perhaps the critical acclaim and the Tony noms will help it succeed (as it should) on Broadway, even without stars or splash.

  3. Marsha11:13 AM

    Agreed - I loved Fun Home so much. I'm particularly delighted by the Sydney Lucas nomination.

  4. This is beautiful ==>

  5. Adam B.1:11 PM

    I thought we said Honorary doesn't count for EGOT purposes.

  6. The Stevenson is the Tony equivalent of the Hersholt. Does that count?

  7. Adam B.5:47 PM

    I don't think so -- if it does, Harry Belafonte went EGOT last year, but like Streisand, Minnelli and James Earl Jones, I don't think we count it.

  8. Genevieve12:56 PM

    Yes yes yes! Especially agree on Sydney Lucas, and on the noms for Jeanine Tesori's music and Lisa Kron's book, but everything about it was fantastic.
    I hadn't thought about the fact that it might need the extra boost of the Tony nods, but given that it's an atypical show, it may. So hooray!
    I had thought about seeing Something Rotten, had seen the terrible NYT review but some other fairly good ones, and hadn't decided yet. (Reviews are not the be-all and end-all for me, as here in DC I've seen lousy reviews for shows I thought were great, but when buying pricey tix from out of town and lacking local word of mouth, I consider them). Given all the noms (and the chance to see Brian D'Arcy James and Christian Borle), I'm more likely to buy tix now.

  9. Mr. Cosmo3:41 PM

    I don't mean to sound like a theater snob, but I thought Fun Home worked better at the Public than at Circle in the Square. That may just be my bias against in-the-round productions, but I felt it lost some of the emotional resonance due to the distraction of the weird blocking. You also lose the house-as-character aspect of the show, and i don't know that you gain anything.
    Genevieve, GO SEE Something Rotten. It's fun, very well-acted, and a treat for Broadway fans. It would be nice if it had an ending, but you can't have everything.
    The lack of noms for Finding Neverland was a travesty. I understand that Broadway hates Harvey Weinstein, but really.