Thursday, April 23, 2015

ROCK AND ROLL, THE COLA WARS:  It's the 30th anniversary of the launch of New Coke.  Maybe the commercials should've been the first sign of the fall of a pop culture icon.


  1. Adam B.6:03 PM

    I think we all know now that when Bill Cosby tells you to drink something, DON'T.

  2. Joseph Finn6:17 PM

    Aaaaaand, we're done.

  3. Jordan9:46 PM

    I had a professor who did consumer polling/testing. Sometimes he'd tell us stories. One was about New Coke. When they (blind) product tested it, people overwhelmingly preferred it to the original. When they told them it was a new recipe, they said it wasn't as good. They told Coke this and they shrugged.

  4. bellawilfer1:11 PM

    For the longest time I thought that line was "Rock and roller color wars," which to be honest still sounds way more interesting.