Thursday, June 11, 2015

NOT PENNY'S BOAT:  "Through the Looking Glass," recapped, as ballsy and jaw-dropping and perfect as season-ending, game-changing cliffhangers have been in the new golden age of tv, the one that proved that Lindelof/Cuse knew where they were going with this story.  So much I can remember without even looking -- "That's for taking the kid off the raft," the return of the VW bus, Good Vibrations, Sayid kicking ass, Charlie's heroism. (Our original thread had 150+ comments on it; they're all lost, now.)


  1. Watchman1261:31 PM

    If you're right that L/C "knew where they were going with this story then" they sure forgot pretty darn quick.

  2. Adam B.1:39 PM

    There was a plan. It wasn't perfect. The Temple stuff feels like stalling, and yes the schmaltz was high at times, but it was no longer as shambolic as it had become.

  3. Emily1:14 AM

    I've been on a boat several times in the last week and I keep saying "Not Penny's Boat" to people, but they just look at me with blank stares.