Thursday, July 16, 2015

NO, DESPITE THE NOMINATION FOR "DOG WITH A BLOG," WE DID NOT RECEIVE ONE: This year's Emmy nominees are heavy on the new, and mostly deserving, but there are a whole bunch of weird patterns--Kimmy Schmidt getting in for Best Comedy Series, Supporting Actor and Actress, and two guest roles, but not for Ellie Kemper or music?  The Kyle Chandler nomination for Bloodline?  Kerry Washington and Julianna Marguiles pushed aside in favor of Taraji P. Henson's high soap opera performance on Empire?


  1. Joseph Finn3:54 PM

    I'd love to know who votes on Stunt Coordination. Third year that Arrow's been ignored and Daredevil was ignored as well.

  2. carriedunsmore11:12 AM

    How could you ever choose between Andre Braugher and Kegan Michael Key in best supporting actor comedy? It's unpossible.

  3. Christy in Philly11:58 AM

    I'll overlook anything because Tatiana Maslany is nominated!

  4. Jordan4:42 PM

    Happy she got a nomination, disappointed she didn't get all of them.

  5. Jordan4:47 PM

    I almost want to watch them this year, if only for the spitballing session host Andy Samberg had with Chris Hardwick (highlights paraphrased):

    CH: Shake things up a little, open with the In Memorium and close with the monologue.
    AS: Is Robert Durst in jail? I really want him for a musical number.
    CH: If Brooklyn 99 isn't nominated, can you just give yourself an award?
    AS: Best Comedy set in Brooklyn! Eh, I'd probably lose to Lena Dunham.

  6. jhedman5:45 PM

    Can't speak to the rest of it, but Kyle Chandler blew me away in Bloodline. By far his best work, and that's saying a lot.