Thursday, July 23, 2015

SURVEY SAYS: Our friends at Previously.TV are asking who's the best Feud host of all time.  So, who ya got--the sleazy smarm of Richard Dawson?  The hyper-professionalism of Ray Combs?  The stiffness of John O'Hurley?  The "oh no, you didn't say that!" of Steve Harvey?


  1. Adam B.1:17 PM

    Harvey > Dawson as host, but the questions were better back then.

  2. Joseph Finn1:22 PM

    My ranking goes Dawson>Combs>Hurley>Richard Karn>Harvey>Louie Anderson, and it's a tough choice between Harvey and Anderson as to which is worse.

  3. carriedunsmore9:04 PM

    I spent a lot of time in a hospital where the only thing reliably on TV was the Feud, and I have to say that Harvey grows on you. PS, get HGTV, Georgetown University Hospital.

  4. Can I have Kenan Thompson as Steve Harvey?