Tuesday, September 1, 2015

THIS DAY WE FIGHT!  BY ALL THAT YOU HOLD DEAR ON THIS GOOD EARTH, I BID YOU STAND, MEN OF THE WEST:  I recall some story in a 3rd grader reader about the kid who designed the Alaska Flag.  Now, no doubt, the Big Dipper featured on many proposed designs for that -- but to the extent the myth is to be taken as received truth, the origin of the Alaska flag was untainted by the pretense of art.

Not so with the four finalists for the new flag of New Zealand.  I get the notion of wanting to ditch the Union Jack, but black is a lousy color for a flag (NZ's association with black notwithstanding) and the ferns?  I think replacing the Jack with the NZAF's Kiwi roundel would be much nicer and keeping with some semblance of tradition (and, if not for the sake of tradition, what's the point of a flag at all?).

I confess the RSA's flag has grown on me, but there they were trying to fundamentally break with flag that stood for something truly evil.  Here, what exactly are they separating themselves from that merits these abominations.

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