Monday, November 23, 2015

THE MEH WIFE: I wanted to talk a little bit about this season of The Good Wife.  Yes, the show continues to have a lot of good parts, and many of the additions this season have been fine (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Character Actress Margo Martindale, and Cush Jumbo, who has dethroned Emily Wickersham in the category of "CBS actress whose name is most fun to say").  That said, it's felt as though that while the individual storylines are generally well-executed, each week's various narrative threads rarely coalesce into something larger.  Cary and Diane are off in their own show (which, honestly, I'd watch without hesitation), Peter is busy running the campaign Martin O'Malley thought he was going to, and Alicia is doing the small firm thing again (unless narrative calls upon her to do something else, like somehow be appointed to an elections board after resigning a position due to election fraud).  It reminds me of how The Love Boat was written, with different writing teams writing each segment, and then some very mild loose connective tissue thrown in at the last second.

It's widely speculated this is the show's last year, and I'm hoping they're actually building to something rather than chasing their tail to get to a pre-planned ending.  (I also wonder if Baranski and Czuchry might've taken the "wrong" side in whatever the drama relating to Archie Panjabi was, but were still under contract and are now being punished by being shunted into their own show.)

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