Monday, June 13, 2016

THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD: Jessica Lange (G) is now one step away from EGOT, but that can't be the most important takeaway from last night's appropriately solemn and celebratory Tony Awards.

Yes, the producers put their thumbs on the scales in terms of favoring Hamilton over other shows in terms of performance time -- but that's what the public, and the moment, demanded. Waitress moves up my want-to-see list, and Fiddler (too flashy!) down a peg. James Corden was an able host, though not on the NPH/Jackman pantheon.

And while I know it may prove controversial here, I'm more pro-faux-Ham4Ham interludes than anti, but really what I needed less of was the Chicago tribute when they were already running late. (And why would one rouge one's knees, anyway?)

Most of all, let's be glad we live in a country in which not too long from now, school groups will get to perform Hamilton, boosting their love both of musical theater and America, and I am very much looking forward to it.

(Lucy, who will graduate high school in 2021, is ready to take on Lafayette.)

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