Tuesday, February 25, 2003

ALL GOOD THINGS: Yes, it's official. Joe Millionaire really is over. They can't possibly squeeze another hour out of this, no matter how hard Fox could try.

And we know nothing more than we did before the end of last week: of course Evan and Zora aren't going to work out as a couple. That's pretty clear. Indeed, we know less about one thing: what did happen to original host Alex McLeod, replaced in this episode in her entirety by Temptation Island provocateur The Other Mark Walberg. Where's the love, Fox?

But there's one fairy tale that will continue: butler Paul Hogan's. It seems that Hogan's next task will be to assist bachelorette Anna Nicole Smith -- who really is worth tens of millions of dollars-- in her search for a man this Sunday night. In order to find someone who loves her for who she really is, will she dress up as a eighty-year-old and only reveal her true age to the winner? Read here for more.

Wheel in the sky keeps on turning....

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