Wednesday, February 5, 2003

BLOGGER MAKES ACCURATE PREDICTION! (FILM AT 11): Last Wednesday, I predicted that the larger audience for early episodes, plus a difference in editing priorities, would bring a change to American Idol 2:
[V]iewers are going to be taking these narratives with them and remembering who these people are before they start singing for their (show business) lives next week. It means that no matter how well Kimberly Caldwell sings next week -- and she is fabulous -- viewers are going to remember how poorly she treated co-auditionist Julia DeMato this week, and they're going to vote on that basis, not the singing merits. Which is fine, I guess, because it's good to have pop stars who are decent people.

And what happened tonight? Despite her mediocre rendition of "Son of a Preacher Man", Julia's in the final ten; Kimberly, who sang the best last night, isn't.

Neh heh.

Now I'm really on vacation. Time to pack. See you on the flipside.

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